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Backcountry Navigation - Level I

Led by our team of expert navigators, Backcountry Navigation - Level I, will teach you the fundamental skills you need to confidently navigate in the wilderness. Our highly experienced instructors will guide you through the process of reading and interpreting topographical maps, understanding the intricacies of compass navigation, and using both together to find your way through challenging backcountry terrain.

Whether you are an experienced hiker looking to develop new skills or a beginner seeking an introduction to the basics, our course is the perfect fit for you. Not only will it increase your confidence and competence in navigating the outdoors, but it will also provide you with the tools and knowledge to stay safe and enjoy your time in nature.

Don't wait any longer to start your backcountry navigation journey! Contact us to sign up for our Backcountry Navigation course today and start exploring the great outdoors with newfound confidence and knowledge. 

$49.00 per person

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